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Scorpio Live Wallpaper


Scorpio Live Wallpaper is a “Zodiac wallpaper” specially designed for the lovers of astrology. If your birthday falls between October 23rd and November 22nd , you are “the Scorpion”, and you should check out our free Scorpio HD wallpaper and refresh the look of your smartphone screen. If you are passionate about your personal horoscope, choose your personal “Scorpio free wallpapers” for Android™, and find out why is your astrological sign seen as the most powerful sign of Zodiac! Main features:
▫ Beautifully animated “Scorpio wallpapers” for you!▫ Choose a “Scorpion wallpaper” for your phone or tablet–more HD scorpion pictures are added daily!▫ Amazing images of these fascinating “zodiac signs” for the screen of your smartphone or tablet!▫ These awesome “horoscope HD backgrounds” are very easy on the battery – they sleep when the device is inactive!▫ Enjoy this new, free “Scorpion live wallpaper” – get it now!
Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
▫ HD graphics and open GL. ▫ Optimized Battery Usage.▫ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.▫ “Scorpio Live Wallpapers” fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.
Scorpio is the eight sign of “Zodiac calendar”, and it is one of three water signs whose ruling planet is Pluto. Download our free “Scorpio wallpaper” and show everybody that it's ok to love yourself that much! “Scorpio zodiac sign” is represented by the symbol of the Scorpion. Check out our new “Scorpion wallpapers” and state clearly that these amazing water signs are in ultimate control of their destiny. Scorpions are stubborn and determined to succeed-they would rather kill themselves, than be killed! Choose your new Scorpio android wallpaper for your mobile phone or tablet , and explain everyone that you're not the one to be played with! If somebody betrays Scorpio, it will never forgive nor forget. It can wait a long, long time before striking in revenge. Take a look at your new Scorpio HD wallpapers and remember that Scorpions can lose their tail, but there will promptly grow a new one. Show everybody your immense strength of “Scorpio traits” with a new “horoscope wallpaper”. Scorpions can be highly possessive about the things they are passionate about. Your new “Scorpio Live Wallpaper” will make you absolutely fall in love with your Zodiac sign. Scorpion often refrains from revealing its true emotions; however, underneath it all, the Scorpion is bubbling with emotions. Free download your favorite “Scorpio free wallpaper”, and attract everybody's attention to your secretive and mysterious horoscope sign. Scorpio is the most loyal among horoscope signs-their loyalty is so strong that it frightens. Show everybody your “Scorpio personality” with free Scorpion wallpaper-will anyone dare to double-cross you?Scorpio is one of the bravest of the “astrological signs” whose courage stems from its mind. These free HD wallpapers will tell the world that these water signs bravely face every challenge and truth , and that their learning experience will push them further in self improvement. Every glance at the screen of your smartphone or tablet will remind you that you are a natural born survivor! Scorpios never give up-once they set their mind on the goal, nothing can stop them. Set your mind on these awesome Scorpio images and download Scorpio android wallpapers now, if you are a true “Scorpio sign”.
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